5 Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New House

Buying a new property and moving house is such an exciting time. Whether you’re upsizing for a growing family, downsizing once they’ve flown the nest or just want to put your stamp on a new space, here are 5 things to do before you move into your new house. Remember, this article is intended to be a guide only – every moving process is different! If you need specific advice relating to a property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  1. Make a checklist – use this guide for help if you need to.

If you can, make a checklist at least a month before moving day. Once you know your date of completion, you can start a list, working backwards to make sure you’ve accounted for everything and have plenty of time to pack up your home one room at a time without leaving anything last-minute.

2. Consider your utilities.

Ensure you contact your internet providers to make sure your new property will be supported. There’s nothing worse than slow Wi-Fi when you’re trying to work from your new home! If the coverage isn’t as fast at your new property, ask for a reduction or early release from your contract to find a better supplier for your new area. If you’re moving to a property with gas and electric meters, make sure you’ve got new top-up cards to avoid a chilly first night in your new home!

3. If you have them, prepare your children and pets for the move.

Moving is a stressful time for adults, so make sure you factor in how big the change will feel for your children or pets. Speak to your vet about transporting animals in the car safely, and make sure they’re registered with a new vet at your new address in case of any emergencies on the way. If your children are old enough to get involved, set them a few tasks like packing their favourite toys, snacks and games to entertain them (and keep them out from under your feet!) on moving day. Remember they’ll need to be enrolled into a new school, GP practice and dentist, as well as any extra-curricular activities and clubs.

4.  Pack a box of essentials for the first night.

There’s nothing worse than digging through multiple unlabelled boxes to find a phone charger or packet of teabags after a long day, so make sure you pack a box for your first night with some essentials. Pack your kettle or a flask, some instant coffee or tea, bottles of water and snacks (or cash for a takeaway pizza!), a change of clothes, and any technology you might want to turn into a makeshift TV for your first night.

5. Check your new house alarms, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

If your new house has an alarm, make sure you ask the old owners for the code to switch it off, then make sure to change the code so it’s unique to your household. You should also make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working – you can ask the fire brigade to install new ones if yours are broken or outdated.

Once you’ve settled in your new house, it’s time to start thinking about how you can put your stamp on it. Best of luck, and have fun!